Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Songs of the year

Naming songs of the year is always hard, because I change my mind about every minute.  This year is no different.

I'll start with some shout outs to some of my favorite girls.

  • My friend Allison Shockley is in a band called Pale Clear .  "Sailor Song" simply blew me away.  I was expecting to like the music, because one always likes their friends' endeavors.  But, I found myself going back to this song all year.  Love the whistle, super love the trumpet...beautiful!
  • Continuing the genderqueer theme, Kate Pierson's "Mister Sister" uplifts as good as any B52s tune.   
  • My favorite lady in all rock-n-roll, Courtney Love, released a "Honour" with Ginger Wildheart.  Got to get your Courtney fix, and this does the trick.  "I will take the world by vengeance in your honour!"
  • "Magnets" by Lorde and Disclosure. Disclosure can piss me off sometimes, but this song worked because Lorde was the perfect match.  The video made it even better. 
  • Lastly, my Marilyn (that's Manson for anyone not paying attention) asked the question, "Want to know what Zeus said to Narcissus?".  I squealed the answer all year..."You better watch yourself". "Deep Six"

As in all years, there is one super hit that must be mentioned.  "Uptown Funk" wins by a landslide.  I just love Mark Ronson. (Although, the "Hello" parodies almost made Adele get a mention in my blog.)

There must be some good shit coming.  Let me see if I can put some order to it all and make a Top 10 list.

10. (tie) "Art Deco" by Lana Del Ray...Moody, dirty, pretty, and perfectly Lana.  "Empty Threat" by CHVRCHES...hard to keep from pounding the steering wheel when this song kicks in after the (I gotta tell you) bridge.
9.  "The Remedy" - "Our home, our rules, respect them or bitches, receive stitches".  Maynard can only get his petty and silly with Puscifer.  "Yes, we're being condescending.  Yes, that means we're talking down to you." 
8. "Giant Peach" by Wolf Alice,  Modern punk with a hint of Black Sabbath and a smooth female voice.  
7.  Being the best song on Art Angels by Grimes is quite an achievement.  I had 8 tracks shortlisted for picks.  However, "Kill V. Maim" wins primarily for the use of screaming on top of about 5 other voices and a cheer ~ B-E-H-A-V-E
6. "Pyongyang" by Blur.  Moody track from genius who spent a few lonely days in the repressive isolated country.  I feel like I've experienced what the country must be like.
5. "In Time" by FKA Twigs.  It is hard to separate the dance from the music,as the visual art is part of the appeal.  But, this song has a raw beauty that holds up even without the erotic moves.  The pacing is simply incredible.
4. "WTF" by Missy Elliott.  Good grief.  How did we live without her for so long?  I'm still on fire every time I hear the first beats.  Posers need to stand back! 
3.  "A juxtaposition in fate"  "Stonemilker" by Bjork.  The string arrangements for this song would probably be enough to make the top 5.  Add gut wrenching lyrics,prepare to be lost in the angst of wondering how a great relationship could come to an end.
2.  DJ music probably hit an all-time high this year.  The magic of "Loud Places" by Jamie XX is that the loud places are always brewing just below Romy's questioning verse and the hymn-like refrains. It is such a simple song with such extraordinary power.

For those closest to me, the following is the no-brainer announcement of the year.  

1. "Lampshades on Fire" by Modest Mouse.  This nihilistic ditty perfectly frames the concept of human beings dancing and partying while we destroy the very planet that supports us.  

Isaac spews lyrics like "Shaved off my eyebrows when I fall to the ground, So I can't look surprised right now", as if that is the only thing that could be said.  

There are characters whose feelings get hurt by being replaced by clones, yet they are more concerned with how their asses look in their jeans and don't really want to work.  So, on to the next party or next town.  All just metaphor for mankind's wasteful ways.  

"The air's on fire, so we're moving on
Better find another one cause this one's done"