Thursday, December 19, 2013


Tonight, we handle the honorable mentions in the album category.  For a variety of reasons, these just didn't quite reach the realm of great (or I just wasn't that into them).  They weren't bad...

Heroine - Lorde certainly added excitement to the year, and I really loved many of these songs.  However, I am not a suburban teenage girl; and as Morrissey says, "The songs they constantly play, say nothing to me about my life."

A, by Agnetha - The closest thing to an ABBA album in 30 years...

The Great Gatsby Soundtrack - I loved this movie and soundtrack, but there is not a place on the albums list for a soundtrack.  (This is my blog, my rules)

The Next Day - Hmmmm, I just couldn't put Bowie in the top 10...comparatively, it was just boring.

Splinter, by Gary Numan - Rock God Genius, as good as all his other albums (hint)

False Idols, by Tricky - Incredible, just like all his other albums

Haunted Man, by Bat 4 Lashes - Not sure yet...has its moments

Random Access Memories - So good, yet missing something in the non-single songs

Swings Both Ways, by Robbie Williams - Love!  But, I can't put an album with lazy covers in the top 10.

Kveikur, by Sigur Ros - A top 10 (when I am in the mood)